Miss Pouty Hair Cutting Clips

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Miss Pouty Hair Cutting Clips

The Miss Pouty Hair Cutting Tools are great for maintaining a hairstyle between cuts, cutting children's hair, trimming bangs or creating layers. Both clips have built in spirit levels for greater accuracy. Convenient to carry and easy to use the clips now come with an optional 2pc scissor set.


Maintain Your Hairstyle Between Cuts.

Cutting Children's Hair.

Trimming Bangs.

Create Layers.

Spirit levels for greater accuracy.


Easy to use.

The Clips:

The pink clip is ideal for cutting front bangs and trimming redundant hairs.

The white clip is ideal for cutting the back hairs and creating layers.


Pink: 17cm Approx.

White: 28cm x 2.5cm Approx,


White Clip

Pink Clip


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